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    Papuk Geopark



    One of the results of complex geological relations on Papuk is the hydro-geological phenomenon of warm springs in several stream valleys. The locality of Rupnica in the north-western part the Park, has been protected as the first geological monument in Croatia, due to square and hexagonal prismatic pillars which were created through columnar jointing of albite rhyolites.

    Forest vegetation covers more than 96% of Papuk Nature Park. Due to relief contrasts, diversity in geologic formation, diverse soil and climate influences 13 different types of forest (forest associations) have developed here. Dry calcareous grasslands are botanically very valuable localities - the most endangered and rare flora grows there. Papuk provide excellent natural habitats for numerous animal species and is nationally important bird area. Old forests with numerous dead trees are important habitat for hole-nesting birds as woodpeckers and flycatchers. Papuk is rich with mountain springs and streams where endangered Brown Trouts and numerous populations of Common Crayfish live. Bats are famous forest inhabitants, but also live in Papuk underground. In Uviraljka abyss 11 bat species were recorded to spend winter - that is the highest number of bat species ever recorded in any subterranean object in Croatia.



    The Papuk Nature Park area has a cultural and historical continuity. The medieval period has left a particularly valuable heritage in the form of eight fortification structures on the rim of Papuk among which the old town Ru?ica is unique in the Slavonian region by its beauty and state of preservation. In addition, there are tombs ("tumuli") from the late Iron Age with valuable finds of utensils, jewelry and weapons.

    Numerous hiking trails enable the visitors to stroll through scenic nature, which is attractive and special throughout the year. For sport enthusiast there are free-climbing site and paragliding lift off site. There are 104 kilometers of marked bicycle trails on Papuk. Three educational paths with educational panels will introduce visitor with natural and cultural heritage of area. Public Institution is offering interpretative guiding through the natural and cultural heritage of the Nature Park for organized groups of visitor, and for children we have prepared several educational School-in-the-nature programs.


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