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    Taishan Geopark




    Mount Taishan Global Geopark is located in the east side of North China Plain, and center of Shandong province. The magnificent and marvelous Mount Taishan rises above the numerous mountains in the south-centural Shandong. Mount Taishan has a long history of over 5000 years, where a lot of cultural relics are preserved. This Mount is also called sa the spiritual homestead, it has become a famous tourist destination both China and other countries. In 1987, this mountain was approved as the first world natural and cultural site by UNESCO.

    The long geological evolution history, complex geological structure and important and typical geoheritage of Mount Taishan have been attended by many geologists. Mount Taishan is a typical area for studying and setting up the framework of Early Precambrian geological evolution in China. The Cambrian section in Zhangxia area is well and completely exposed, yielding abundant index trilobites, which provides major evidence for regional or international Cambrian correlation. The Neotectonic Movement has played a very important role in the geomorphic formation and shaping of Mount Taishan.

    The geopark is composed of eight scenic areas, they are: Hongmen, Zhongtianmen, Nantianmen, Houshiwu, Taohuayuan, Culaishan, Lianhuashan and Taoshan geological scenic areas, covering an area of 158.63 km2。The unique, abundant and precious geoheritage makes this geopark a natural geological museum.



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