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    Funiushan Geopark

    The Mt.Funiushan Global Geopark lies in the eastern China Central Orogenic System,fhe hinter land of Funiu Mountain Range of Henan Province.it is a comprehensive geopark,which consists of National Geopark,World Biosphere Reserve,National Nature Reserve,National-Level Nature Reserve for Dinosaur Egg Fossils and National Mine Park.The total planning area is 1340.93 km2.The area of geotourism and ecotourism is 683.95 km2,and the area of geoscientific study is 656.98 km2.the attached Nature Reserve area is 1296.54km2 and the geological route is 208.34 km2.

    The characteristics of the Earth history and the tectonics in Funiushan area reveal the Archean break-up of primary basement of continental crust.During the paleoprotherozoic sedimentation and metamorphism,it summarizes the respondence of China Central Orogenic Belts to the global Rodinia Event,and the erath tectonic evolution and the continental dynamics process controlled by the tectonic dynamics system or the regional plates.The fossils of the dinosaur eggs have 6 families,9genera,13species in Nature Reserve for the Cretaceous Dinosaur Eggs Fossil Group affiliated to the Geopark.The Longiteresoolithus xixiaensis and the Prismatoolithusgebiensis found here are rare and unique in the world.They are honored “the Ninth Wonder of the World” following “the Terracotta Warriors and Horses in shanxi Province”. The main peak of Mt.Funiushan is 2212.5meters above sea level and this makes it to block the tropical moisture air mass from the Pacific Ocean toward west in summer as well as the cold snap of siberia to south in winter.Moreover,it it a boundary of the subtropical climate in east China.in this area,the ecosystem is well preserved and the biodiversity is typical.So Baotianman Scenic Area has been awarded by the UNESCO” the World Biosphere Reserve”.The Global Geopark will become an important destination for geotourism,ecotourism and tracing tourism in China,and also become a typical region of the sustainable development of the social economy.



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