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    Ningde Geopark

    Ningde Global Geopark is located in Ningde City, the northeast part of Fujian Province, China. The Geopark is composed of 3 scenic areas: Baishuiyang, Baiyun mountain and Taimu mountain, it covers an area 2660 km2.

    Ningde Global Geopark is located in the southeastern part of the Eurasian Plate, belonging to the continental marginal active zone adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. Ningde Global Geopark lies in the Mesozoic coastal volcanic eruption zone of southeastern China, which is an important component of the Pacific volcanic rim. The Geopark is an integration of various landforms such as miarolite landform, volcanic landform, erosion riverbed landform, and erosion coastal landform. The occurrence of many landforms in a geopark suggests that the area has a complicated geological history. At the same time, the park landform landscape also has the very high ornamental value.

    Ningde city is a main famous residential area for “SHE ethnicity” people, which is noted for its strong local customs, simple folk custom and intense politeness.  Fu’an and Fuding are hometown of the Chinese tea. “Tanyang Gongfu” red tea and “Luxueya” green tea are famous in China and abroad.  Pingnan (Township of the Chinese porch bridge). The different gallery bridges in wood arch, stone arch and horizontal beam styles spread in the park, recorded the magnificent articles of Chinese bridge history.



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