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    Zigong Geopark

    Zigong Global Geopark is located in Zigong, China, a famous city called as “the salt capital of over one thousand years, the hometown of dinosaurs and the lantern city in South China”.It covers an area of 56.62km².

    The geopark is composed of Dinosaur Area, Well-Salt Industry Area and Qinglongshan Area .As the core scenic area of the geopark, Dinosaur Area is a spot to make scientific popularization, promote the study of geological knowledge, carry out geotourism, and scientific expedition and research. It covers area of 8.7km² including the Zigong Dinosaur Museum in Dashanpu Dinosaur Fossil Site, the Silicified Wood Site in Changshan Range, Ziliujing Anticline, and typical stratigraphic sections of the Ziliujing Formation.Well-salt industry area displays the rich resources of salt and natural gas, long history and glorious culture of well-salt industry. It covers an area of 1.92km², including Zigong Salt Museum the Museum of Well-Salt Industry History, and ancient salt wells such as Shenhai Well, Jicheng Well and Dongyuan Well.Qionglongshan area displays fossil localities and sites, the natural ecology of tree ferns, and the places of cultural interests. It covers area of 46km² including Qionglongshan Dinosaur Fossil Site, Rongxian Dinosaur Fossil Localities, and Jinhua Tree Fern Flora.



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