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    Songshan Geopark



    Songshan Geopark is located in DengFeng City, Henan Province and it covers an area of 464 Km2.From west to east, the Songshan Geopark stretch across the Ampere of slope mountain,Ma An mountain ,Five Fo mountain, Dan yang mountain,Shaoshi mountain,Taishi mountain and all the Five fingers ridge peaks. These hills rise straight up standing erect, capture a field vacating heaven, peaks rising one higher than another and grand and magnificent.

    In the structure of the earth, Song Shan mountain lives in the Southern fringe of North China old land and in the range of the park ,it continuously completely has revealed for 3.6 billion years five geologic history time stratum, the order of stratum is clear, structure movements and expression is representative. Song Shan mountain is called"Five generations living together" by the world of the geology and in fact, it is a volume of entire the earth history stone book . Inside of the area ,it limpid preserves happen spur now-2.5 billion years (be named Song yang motion), 1.8 billion years (Zhong yue motion) and 543 million years (Shao ling motion) three times Pre-Cambrian regional diastrophism that taken form angle unconformity interface historical remains and colorful and varied structure historical remains, it become the one of the best lieu and classics area where study the crust evolution process of the earth develops in early phase stage and it is called "Natural geological museum" by the field of geology educational and it also is the treasure-house of popularizing the geosciences and the knowledge.

    Song Shan mountain is one of Chinese famous "Five Mountains”— "Central Mountain", it has a lot of humanity landscape, ten temple monastery, five shrine, five palaces , three Taoist temples , four Buddhist convents , four holes , three forum and more than 270 pagodas, it is one of civilized the Chinese nation ancient times birthplace.


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