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    Leiqiong Geopark

    Leiqiong Global Geopark is located in the southern part of China. In two Scenic Districts of Leiqiong Geopark maars are developed that resulted from phreatomagmatic explosion, when the incandescent magma interacted with the cool water. Here we have typical maars: Huguangyan, Tianyang, Qingdongyang (Zhanjiang Scenic District), Mt. Shuangchiling, Mt. Yanghualing (Haikou Scenic District). The mark structures of maar are distinctly presented: base surge deposits with bedding, low angle cross-bedding, dune, long-wave bedding, U-shaped erosion trough, impact sag, elastic bending, and accretionary lapillis (ash spherules). Huguangyan Maar Lake is the place where the research work on maar lake in China first started, also is the base for cooperative study of Chineses and German scientists.

    The Geopark is extremely rich in volcanic landscapes and lava structures, such as pahoehoe flow, different kinds of lava ejecta, lava tunnels etc., variable, systematic and typical, which are outstanding from the same type geologic remains, so is appreciated to be a natural exhibition garden of Quaternary volcanoes.

    The park is positioned in transition area from tropic to south subtropic zone, characterized by distinctness and diversity of flora and fauna communities, becoming the typified site of the biotic community in the transition area. The Quaternary volcanoes are located very close to coastal cities and fused in landscape of tropic islands, and have formed the individuality of "Tropic Ecology with City Volcano" and "Tropic and Subtropic Ecology in Volcanic Island".

    The territory of the park spans Haikou City and Zhanjiang City, which are famous for its history and culture. The human activity developed in harmony with volcano and basalt to originate a volcano culture, the rich and distinctive culture quintessence of the park.

    The volcanic landform of all kinds of shapes and postures, the fertilized red earth, the green tropic island that smells coconut, the blue sea, and the silvery sandy beach, all are integrated, all are mixed in red, blue and green tones in harmony, all are treasures bestowed by Mother Nature to the human.






    Haikou Volcanic cluster SubScenic Spot:

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    Zhanjiang Huguangyan SubScenic Spot: