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    Hexigten Geopark

     Hexigten Global Geopark is located in Hexigten Banner, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.It is just at the junction of the Great Xing'an Mountains, Mount Yanshan and Hunshandak Desert, and lies on a collision belt of the North China Platform and Xingmeng Geosyncline. It is a converging place of Northeast Flora, Inner Mongolian Flora and North China Flora. The climate in Inner Mongolia is a combination of Mongolian arid climate, Northeast semi-arid & semi-humid climate, and North China semi-arid climate. Hexigten is a unique geopark with unique geological heritages and natural scenery due to its specific geographic location and special geological setting. Hexigten Global Geopark is composed of eight scenic areas, which are Arshihaty granite forest area, Qingshan granite mortar area, Dali Nur volcanic landform area, Huanggangliang Quaternary glacial vestige area, Reshuitang thermal spring area, Pingdingshanscenic Quaternary cirque group area, Xilamulun River valley area and Hunshandak sand land area. Geopark covers an area of 1750 km2.

    Hexigten Global Geopark own an excellent geological location, marvelous natural scenes, profound historical culture and diverse ethnic culture of Mongolia. The geopark is integrated the granite forest landform, structural traces, volcanic landscape, Quaternary glacial vestiges, lakes, rivers, desert, grassland, thermal spring and wetland into a whole, added by the profound history, specific Mongolian customs, forming a large comprehensive geopark. The unique, rare, typical, beautiful and diverse geoheritage makes the geopark a natural museum for exploring the uplift of Mongolian Plateau and environmental change in North China, it is also a valuable base for studying geology, landform, climate, plant and animals, desert and lakes since the Quaternary. 

    Hexigten has a beautiful scenery and is rich in product, and it also has a glorious history and bright culture. The Xilamulun River bred 4 different culture systems, that is, the Various Red Mountain Culture, Grassland Bronze Culture, Ancient Qidan, Liao, Jin Culture and Mongolian Yuan Dynasty Culture. The site of the Great Wall built in ancient Jin State (the boundary forts and trenches) runs across the boundless grassland and winds its way through the Mountainains like a dragon. 

    The outspoken, brave and hospitable Mongolians were raised on this mysterious and bountiful grassland. When you enter yurts, they will serve the milk tea, the fried rice, and the meat that is torn by hand and even the entire toasted sheep. When you are indulged in the great meal, the Mongolian girls in splendid attire will offer you their spotless white Hada and express their hospitality in their sweet songs.





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