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    The latest Technology to Explore the Oldest Human——Fangshan Geopark Starts Digital Mapping

    Source:Fangshan UNESCO Global Geopark of China Published:Jun 10,2020

    On June 10 of 2020, Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site of Fangshan UNESCO Global Geopark(UGGp) has launched the overall 3D digital mapping and protection application project, which will use one and a half years to build the overall digital model and fossil of the site. Supported by advanced technologies such as UAV tilt measurement, 3D digital scanning, immersive experience display, etc., through the establishment of the overall digital model of the site, the three-dimensional database of fossil sites, the three-dimensional database of collection specimens, and the archives database, the protection, management, and display framework of the site cloud data are constructed, so as to realize the overall improvement in the basic information, heritage monitoring, site protection, display and utilization of the site.


    launching ceremony

    Peking Man Site Museum

    Peking Man Site Protection Project 


    In recent years, Zhoukoudian site has successively implemented dynamic information and monitoring and early warning system, ape man cave protection building and other projects, which has achieved good results and accumulated valuable experience in the field of digital protection. At present, the whole 3D digital mapping and protection application project has completed part of data collection, including engineering file scanning, UAV tilt measurement, 3D scanning of fossil sites in the core area of the site, display script editing, etc.