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    Yugurs in Zhangye UGGp Celebrating the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

    Source:Zhangye Geopark, China Published:Aug 12,2020

    Yugur is one of ethnic groups living in Zhangye UNESCO Global Geoaprk(UGGp). As indigenous people, the Yugurs have an ardent love for the nature, they celebrate their culture and show their respect to the nature by holding different ceremonies each year. In this year, encouraged by Administration for Zhangye UGGp, Yugur people held a great horse racing in Kangle prairie of Zhangye UGGp during the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, after the COVID-19 was eased and controlled in the region. 




    As a nomadic nationality, Yugur is also called a nation on horseback, therefore, horse racing is the most popular and exciting event. In everyday life, Yugur people wear normal clothes just as others, but for big event, all of the Yugurs apply their dressing code, they wear traditional costumes. 




    At the horse racing field, Yugur people gathered, watching the horse racing and having a picnic. It is a way for them to recall nomadic life and pass down their traditions to the young.




    Meanwhile, Yugur women also took the chance of the gathering to impart and inherit their traditional handicrafts. The elder taught the young how to twist woolen ropes, how to weave the Hezi(a kind of coarse cloth), how to embroider, etc.,.