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    Our Planet Earth Project: New initiative launched in Japan

    Source:Japanese Geoparks Network Published:May 15,2020

    UNESCO Global Geoparks and Aspiring UNESCO Global Geoparks in Japan have been discussing what can be done through Geopark networks during this difficult time with COVID-19.

    One of the activities realized through these discussions is the “Our Planet Earth Project.”

    The “Our Planet Earth Project” is a collection of 10 to 30 minute videos highlighting the raw and natural beauty of geo-sites.

    One of its aims is to make it possible for people staying home to visit Geoparks through the internet and enjoy listening to the sounds of nature, watching the view from home, and to encourage visiting them in person later.

    It also serves as an opportunity for fellow Geoparks to share with each other, learning about and experiencing a small part of Geoparks they may not have had the chance to visit.

    Furthermore, these videos become records, showing us vital information about the formation of Earth as it is expressed through the landscape; these records can be used by future generations to learn about the history of Earth.

    There have been more than 100 videos of UGGps and aspiring UGGps in Japan submitted since the project started in April, which can be found through the link below.





    The “Our Planet Earth Project” welcomes all our colleagues around the world to join in this initiative. 

    The process to join in the project is very simple.

    1) Record a video overlooking a geo-site with whatever camera is available to you.

    2) Upload the video to your Geopark's YouTube channel with the hashtag #ourplanetearthproject in the description box.

    3) Register the video and related information on our site using the below form.  





    If you have any questions related to the project please contact us by e-mail: info@geopark.jp

    We are looking forward to visiting Geoparks around the world through this project!